Receive Accounting Assistance for Your Case

Rely on Vin to provide forensic accounting in Utica, NY

When you go to court for any reason, you may find yourself in need of forensic accounting help. This is where a certified public accountant assists you and your lawyer with the financial aspects of litigation. Vin has years of experience in litigation support for clients all around Utica, NY. His knowledge of finances and the law can help you get the judgment you need from the court.

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How can a CPA provide litigation support?

A certified public accountant can be very helpful when you find yourself in the courtroom. Vin can offer litigation support by:

  • Helping evaluate the value of a business
  • Assisting couples in handling their finances through a divorce
  • Helping any lawyer who needs accounting help for a case
  • Assisting business partners when entering or leaving agreements

Vin can provide the forensic accounting services you need to make your litigation go smoothly. Email today to discuss your specific needs with a Utica, NY CPA.